CaseST News? Aug 2016

downloadAlready have EDI software but don’t want an expensive and long drawn out VAN contract. Try Van-On-Demand; Van-On-Demand is a cloud based EDI router that supports all X12 and EDIFACT transactions and can route those documents almost anywhere you need them. With month to month memberships, no volume requirements or contracts and the first month being free, why not give it a test drive. If you are unhappy with the service tell us why and we will give you another month free while we try and correct the issue or cancel and pay nothing.


Note from the CEO: “Subscription pricing in this industry is a fairly new thing and there are not a lot of companies out there to use as successful examples. I know the website says $300 per month, but we want to hear it from you. Call us with your bill in hand and we guarantee to beat it, or simply tell us what the service is worth to you. We are more than happy to work with you to try and earn your business. – Stephen”

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